The power of global teams

‘The Power of Global Teams: Driving Growth and Innovation in a Fast Changing World’, by Elisabeth Marx (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

Shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year Award, The Power of Global Teams skillfully reveals how to build high-performance executive teams that win international clients, turn businesses around, and accelerate international growth in a globally competitive market.

This highly-practical book pinpoints the success secrets of top international teams through an extensive range of case studies, from Asia to the US, demonstrating how high-performance teams can be developed step-by-step, and confronting the key challenges international business leaders face day-to-day. Based on Elisabeth’s concept of the Culture Shock Triangle, i.e. the need to adapt to international work at the emotional, thinking and social level, it outlines a series of well-proven models that will enhance team governance and galvanise financial results.

This book uniquely casts light on team development in the not-for-profit sector and in emerging markets, and illustrates how international diversity can be effectively channeled into producing superior business results. The reader will gain expert insight into how to lead international teams and boards effectively.

breaking through culture shock book

‘Breaking Through Culture Shock: What You Need To Succeed in International Business’, by Elisabeth Marx (Nicholas Brealey, 2011).

What makes some international managers successful while others struggle with basic tasks? If we are all so global nowadays, what makes some of us more “international” than others? When U.S. managers are estimated to succeed in only about 50% of their expatriate assignments, the answer lies not with the number of air-miles one clocks up on transatlantic flights or the technical excellence one brings to a job. Success in international business entails managing culture shock.

In Breaking Through Culture Shock, Dr Elisabeth Marx provides a practical guide to managing the emotional, cognitive and social facets of participating in international cyber-teams and long-term assignments in other countries. Drawing on the experiences of more than two hundred managers from around the world and in-depth interviews with six leaders like Edward Dolman of Christie’s, Peter Job of Reuters and Win Bischoff of Schroders and Citigroup Europe, Marx explains the many layers and types of culture, providing steps to both businesses and individuals to cope with and conquer culture-related challenges. With instructive scenarios and quizzes to test your knowledge, Marx offers positive and practical business advice to those who want to succeed working in international business.

An “..instructive, accessible and practical self-help book.” Alison Maitland, Financial Times

“A highly recommended read for people currently undertaking an international assignment or working within an international team.” People Management

“[Dr Marx] approach is anchored in what real managers feel and do and then gently and persuasively recommends achievable strategies for improving personal success.” David Norburn, Director of Imperial College Management School