Business success in complex environments requires an effective top team and cannot rely on the CEO alone. The days of the CEO as the ‘hero’ and saviour of companies are long gone – in fact, the most successful companies are those that turn the diversity of skills and experiences at the top into innovation and competitive advantage. And this includes international diversity.

We help organisations to do just that; to accelerate the performance of international teams in different scenarios such as newly formed teams, a phase of rapid growth or rapid internationalisation, a turnaround or a shift in business strategy.

Our unique proprietary methodology (as outlined in ‘The Power of Global Teams’) uses the psychological concept of the Culture Shock Triangle (developing global leaders in the areas of thinking, behaviour and emotions) and objective team diagnostics as a platform to fast-track team performance and increase business results. By adopting a pragmatic and action-focussed approach, we have enabled international teams to work more effectively together and achieve significant results, in some cases, with revenue increases of 60%.

We enable teams to achieve better results faster in several ways, including:

  • Short-term programmes to increase fundamental team governance
  • Tailored programmes for international top team acceleration, using a combination of diagnostics, interactive workshops to address the identified gaps, and individual leadership development
  • Top team integration in international mergers