Integration post merger

A company in the FMCG sector wanted to select the best executives for the newly merged organisation and wanted an objective external review and development process to facilitate the merger. The company was also keen to understand the main cultural differences between the merged entities. This resulted in review sessions with a large group of executives within 30 days.

A project team of consultants was formed with a full-time project manager. All executives had individual review sessions with two consultants. Reports were delivered within three days of each session. Every executive received feedback and the full report of the evaluation. Strategic summaries of all reviews for individuals, specific functions and entire units, were presented to the Board, with discussions on strengths and weaknesses and the implications for the integration.

Making the process transparent with productive feedback sessions resulted in a very high buy-in of all executives. Objective external reviews ensured that selection was fair and there was a better definition of the new roles while integration was improved by the team overview. Subsequent leadership development programmes focused on the main identified weaknesses of the executive group. The post-merger integration process was achieved on schedule and faster organisational changes were made as a result.