Top team development in a major turnaround

A team restructure in a consumer company, with a new CEO and the need for an urgent turnaround towards a more performance-oriented culture, meant the new team had to come into quick alignment. The aim was for the top team to work more closely together, introduce stronger performance orientation, and to filter down the key lessons to the next level and thereby achieve significant business results.

Given the urgency of the turnaround, our approach was to focus on specific actions, showing the team exactly what was required to achieve the immediate and long-term business goals. A plan to develop the leadership and team was implemented while our diagnostic survey identified strengths and gaps highlighting where our team building energies should be focussed. A series of workshops then ensured that the turnaround plan was successfully implemented.

Feedback demonstrated a much closer collaboration within the executive team and as a direct result of this, the company, which had been stagnant for several years, grew to become the best performing business within its region.